The VIP Avalon Boys Asked Me To Bring My Mother For Sacrifice, I Said No" - Young Man Advises People Against Cyber Crime

The story I am about to share with you is interesting and at the same time is a sad one that has to do with a young man known as success from Abia State who seems to have gone mentally insane. He was seen roaming around the street at night time while eating watermelon by some Samaritans who were driving by and they decided to stop and asked what was wrong with him.
He, however, replied and said to them that he has two Camry cars, an iPhone 12 Promax, and a lot of beautiful girlfriends as he noted that he is a student of Imo State University, Owerri, and also said he will be graduating next year. Moreso, he stated that his Involvement in cybercrime popularly known as 'Yahoo Yahoo' has made him this way that he is now after he said to have refused to kill his beloved mother for ritual.
Furthermore, they ask him to reveal those who requested that he should bring his mother, he responded and said that a group of people known as the VIP Avalon boys and he said that he bluntly said no. He was also asked why his clothes were torn and he said to them that he needed to eat, so collected food from someone by force, and for that reason, he was given the beating of his life thereafter because they thought he was a thief. He also pleaded with them that he is very hungry, noting that if he doesn't get something to eat he is going to die. He also gave a word of advice to the persons trying to help him as said to them that they should tell their friends never to engage in cybercrime.
More so, he stated that he was able to make up five to ten million which he used in flexing around Abuja, other African countries, and eating all manner of food but today he is now gone mad he says. In conclusion, the good Nigerians, however, gave him some money to go get something to eat and as well advised him to go to a good church so he can be delivered as they drove away wishing him a quick recovery.
Watch the video from the link below 👇 Guys, my advice to you all is to stay away from cybercrime, please. Thanks for reading, sharing, and following.
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