30 People Killed In New Attack, “We Will Be Chased Out Of Abuja” – Amaechi

30 Killed In Attacks
Three ballistic missiles were fired at Al Anad Air Base in Lahij Governorate, southern Yemen during a morning queue of Saudi coalition troops on Sunday. So far, no official statement has been issued on these attacks and no group or individual has claimed responsibility. Reuters news agency and some Arab media sources reported minutes before the death toll from the rocket and drone strikes on the Al Anad Air Base had risen to 30. Sky News also announced the news. The Arab media quoted a Yemeni military spokesman as saying that 30 had been killed and 60 others wounded in the attacks so far. Earlier, Crater Sky reported that at least two military forces were killed and 19 others were injured in the attack, and the wounded were taken to Ibn Khaldun Hospital for treatment. Local residents reported that the sound of loud explosions has been heard. UAVs and missiles were used in the attack on the military base on Sunday, local news sources said. If We Are Not Careful, We’ll Be Chased Out Of Abuja – Amaechi
Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation, has accused the political elites of burning the resources of Nigeria, saying such may have dire consequences. In an interview with Daily Trust, the minister said President Muhammadu Buhari is doing his best to put the country on track. The two-term governor of Rivers said the high wave of insecurity as a result of hardship may have effect on the nation’s capital. “What the president is saying is: let us create infrastructure. The president would ask how we feel when we get to Cape Town. You will be ashamed being a Nigerian because the political elites have burnt our resources and not able to put infrastructures on ground.” “The only thing you will hear of Nigeria is that you should come to Abuja; that it is a fine city. But Abuja does not feed anybody. If we are not careful, we will be chased out of Abuja. “In the past, when I was the speaker and later, governor, I said we would wake up one day and the young boys we deprived would chase us out of town. How many big men are still living in their states? They have all run away. “Everybody is here in Abuja, which is protected because the president is here. One day, the boys will be courageous and we will be on the run. “If we don’t follow what the president is saying by not only diversifying the economy but also putting the necessary infrastructures in place, there will be no need to stay together as Nigerians. “People are saying that secession is the problem, but it is not. There are two reasons for secession —economic deprivation and injustice. Did the injustice start from this government? I was there, so we need to address it. “The North has people who are deprived, just as the South is also deprived, as well as the westerners and easterners. I pray to the Nigerian elite that are leading this crisis of insurrection to be careful because the day the poor people of these regions come together as a people, all of us will run. They can try as much as possible to divide the country, but the day the poor men come together, we will run.”
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