That young Yahoo boy that run mad two weeks ago have a message for all Nigeria youth

If you can recall, there was a young Nigerian boy whose video circulated the internet barely two weeks ago, he was noticed to have ran mad and also, he kept on saying he cannot use his mother for ritual, a lot of people really had a lot to say about that video but I would love to tell you that there is a twist to that story now. It was later revealed that the young boy didn't actually run mad, instead he faked that act so that he can gain fame and attention and also, he seems to be a comedian who is struggling to make it in the Nigerian comedy industry. He revealed that he isn't really mad in a post which he made and also, he revealed that he has something important to tell Nigerians which is that fact that he isn't mad and also, everyone should mind the people they associate with and also, mind those who you ask for help because this generation is another thing entirely. I guess you will agree with me that he really is a handsome boy and also, he has sent a very strong message to Nigerians entirely with this his act, I would really love you to share a thought on this act which he pulled, was it really worth the stress?.
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